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Here's How the Corporate Program Works

  • The Corporate pre-purchases assessments at a volume discount.
  • The Administrator sends automated email invitations to those Employees participating in the program. 
  • When the Employee receives the email invitation, they simply click on the link that takes them to your Corporate Assessment page where they fill in a registration form and then take the HRD Change Management Effectiveness Profile Assessment.
  • Once the Employee completes the assessment, they automatically get a custom Home Page.  This allows them to invite Observers (peers, subordinates and bosses) to complete a confidential assessment as to how they see the Employee as a leader.
  • The Administrator may monitor the activity of the Employees and send reminders to those not yet completing the assessment.
  • The Administrator may edit any inappropriate comments from Observers.
  • Once all the Observer results are completed, the Employee generates their report.
  • The Administrator may block the viewing of the results until a specific time for use in a consultation or seminar.

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